What is the difference between a skilled nursing center and a personal care center?

A skilled nursing center (referred to as a health care center in the SHCS network), is a facility that provides comprehensive medical services to the elderly. Residents at our health care centers often require intensive skilled nursing care and/or therapy on a short-term basis due to surgery or injury. Long-term care opportunities are also appropriate for residents suffering from a prolonged acute illness or chronic disease.

A personal care center is a facility that provides a variety of services to elderly residents who may need assistance with activities of daily living including personal hygiene, grooming, bathing and medication monitoring. Our personal care center promotes an atmosphere where residents feel comfortable and at home. Residents often require varying degrees of assistance, depending on their individual health care needs and levels of independence. Residence in a personal care center is often appropriate for individuals seeking long-term assistance after a skilled nursing or hospital stay.

How do residents pay for care?

In our health care centers, residents often pay for care through a combination of Medicare and Medicaid and a supplemental insurance. We contract with a number of different insurance agencies so our residents can utilize a variety of payor sources. Our personal care center offers an all-inclusive room rate that residents pay monthly. The option to privately pay is also available at all facilities.

Our Personal Care Centers accept the Aid and Attendance benefit offered by the Veterans Administration. Contact the Lackawanna County Department of Veterans Affairs for more information.

Throughout the application process, our Director of Admissions will manage your insurance eligibility to ensure that our facility is the right fit for you or your loved one.

Are short-term stays available?

Short-term stays are available in our health care centers. In fact, many residents enter our facilities as part of their recovery after an acute care hospital stay involving surgery or injury. We accept patients directly from the hospital, home or another rehabilitative setting. Our facilities are recognized for employing an extremely successful therapy and rehabilitation program that has allowed many seniors to return home or to another less restrictive setting.

Who do I call for more information on Admissions into an SHCS facility?

To learn more about admissions into a SHCS facility, please refer to the contact information under the facilities section of our website.

Are your facilities Medicare & Medicaid certified?

All SHCS health care centers are Medicare & Medicaid certified.

Are your facilities evaluated by external agencies?

Yes. The Department of Health routinely evaluates all of our Health Care Centers to ensure that we are complying with state and federal regulations in regard to skilled nursing care. These visits are unannounced and investigate all aspects of our facility and patient care practices. The PA Department of Welfare routinely evaluates all of our Personal Care Centers to ensure that we are complying with state and federal regulations.